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Scriu de pe telefon acest articol, scarbit de ceea ce imi este dat sa vad, nu este o reclama, nici o anti-reclama, ci doar o relatare cu parere si pareri.

Angajatii magazinului mentionat mai sus, au dat drumul la un live si s-au imbatat, s-au facut muci, au lasat injuraturile si valurile de jigniri sa curga, au atacat oameni si magazine mari – cu importanta majora in comunitatea vaperilor din Romania, nu le-a mai pasat de nimic. Mereu, cand au facut live, au lasat sa se vada un aer de suprematie, dar si de scarba in acelasi timp, atat pentru cel care se uita cat si pentru cel care „presteaza”, dar nu a venit nimeni sa le dea peste gura ca nu-i frumos ceea ce fac.

Am vizitat pagina si am lasat un comentariu civilizat (la fel ca toate articolele mele de altfel), era un comentariu la un post in care tot unul din angajati isi cere scuze si anunta ca s-a penalizat, atat pe el, cat si pe ceilalti doi colegi din live, doar ca o facea in calitate de administrator, fara sa spuna cine este de fapt. Unde am lasat eu comment au mai lasat si altii, 99% din comentarii au fost sterse, iar eu cel putin m-am ales si cu ban – cuvantul, cea mai mare arma.

Nu am stat sa ii judec prea mult niciodata, si din fericire nici nu am vapat ceva pe care sa fii pus ei mana vreodata, dar sunt oameni care in urma recenziilor de o stea au spus ca angajatii put, magazinul pute, totul pute! Asta nu la modul ca serviciile sunt de rahat, ci ca nu se spala, ca aerul din magazin nu te intampina la modul in care ai vrea sa ramai mai mult pe acolo sa inspectezi marfa. Chiar asa, daca prezentarea e de asa natura, oare lichidele facute de ei, tot asa igienice sunt? Este o vorba, „pestele de la cap se impute”, iar pe baza ei ma gandesc ca a trecut de mult de cap si-a ajuns la lichide, chiar la plamanii consumatorilor.

Revenind la cele intamplate, sa iti ceri scuze dupa o asa gafa mi se pare inutil, era mai bine sa nu se intample, dar sa continui cu nesimtirea de a bloca si sterge comentariile oricarui om ce s-a simtit vizat si a venit sa iti spuna ceva, mi se pare chiar absurd, ducand spre o continuitate a celor intamplate, ceea ce imi da de inteles ca nu s-a dus complet alcoolul.

Cat despre oamenii ce au dat recenzii de o stea si au lasat o parere langa, nu au facut-o de suparare, invidie sau rautate gratuita, au dat ceea ce merita magazinul, au lasat bunul simt in treaba lui si au raspus cu o jumatate din aceeasi moneda.

In acest ritm, nu or sa fie acceptati niciodata cu baraca la niciun eveniment cu tematica de vapat, clientii se vor orienta (oricum erau orientati deja) spre alte magazine mult mai bune si mai serioase.

Daca aveti completari si ceva de scris legat de acest subiect, categoria de comentarii va apartine!

ps: sterge asta!

UPDATE: am pus video cu sesiunea live.


“The badasses” at fumezi.com Bucharest


I am writing this article with disgust from my phone, disgusted by what I have seen, it’s not an advertisement, not an anti-advertisement, but just some opinions.


The employees at the shop mentioned above held a live stream, they got drunk as hell, shitfaced drunk to be more precise and they let the waves of insults flow, attacking major shops with a pretty big importance when it comes to vaping in Romania. They didn’t give a flying fuck about anything. This isn’t the first time, actually every time they do a live stream they kind of disrespect both themselves and their viewers, creating a vibe that gives the impression that they are superior, for some whatever reason only they know.


Naturally, I dropped by their page, left a civilized comment (same as all of my articles). It was a comment in a post written by another employee which was apologizing, and stating that he took actions regarding the behavior of his fellow colleagues, as well as regarding himself, the catch here being that he did all of this as an administrator, without saying so.  My comment was one of the many others, and most of them (about 99%) were deleted, as for myself, I received a ban – the word is the most powerful weapon, right?


I never judged them and fortunately I never got to vape any of their merchandise, but the guys themselves said they stink, the shop stinks, everything stinks! And by that I mean that the stuff in the shop isn’t cleaned, the customers are not greeted as they should be, giving you the impression that they don’t really want you to go into their shop in the first place anyway.


Coming back to my point, to apologize after doing such a thing seems pretty useless to me, it would’ve been better to never have happened in the first place, but to keep being a bitch and delete every comment for somebody that felt attacked and posted it to tell you something different in the first place, gives me the impression that the alcohol was still present.


As for the people that gave 1 star ratings and so on, they did it just because the shop deserved that, they got their payback. If they keep this pace up, they’ll never be accepted to any events regarding the vaping theme, the customers will always shift to better, more serious shops (which they obviously have already anyway).


If you want to add up or talk more about this, the comment section is yours!


P.S. Delete this!


Update: I’ve put up a video with the live session.

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